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"I discovered Pilates by the Bay approx 4 or 5 years ago when I was suffering from excruciating low back spasms. I had been working with a chiropractor and massage therapist who were able to get me moving, but both agreed a strong core would help me see more improvement. Aulani was awesome! She was very respectful and responsive to my physical limitations and the mental ones I had placed on myself due to the years of living w/ severe pain. Thanks to her I was able to do many Pilates moves that I thought would not be physically or mentally possible for me. And when Aulani felt I should be challenged further, she turned me over to Jacinto, who is an absolute joy to work with. By the end of each session with Jacinto I was usually exhausted and dripping with sweat. Jacinto was also able to get me to do more advanced Pilates positions that I did not think were possible for me. I even had a major mental breakthrough with him and lost a lot of my "fear" which allowed me to advance further. I attribute my freedom from pain to my core therapy team thinking outside the box and both Aulani and Jacinto did that for me. Yes, Pilates by the Bay is a tad on the expensive side, but definitely well worth the price if you are looking for specialized attention." - Janis A.

"I have been taking pilates at this studio for a few years now and while some things get a little easier with time they then go back to being harder because the instructors find ways to make sure you're pushing yourself. However, they'll also keep a very close eye on how your body is doing to keep you from injuring yourself. They make sure to know all of your ailments (both daily and chronic) before having you do anything. Aulani and her other instructors are always looking for ways to make classes convenient to get to (in terms of times).
I can honestly recommend this place to anyone who wants to be stronger or rehabilitate after an old injury." - Ariana D.

"I had been wanting to try Pilates to get stronger and in shape. The 5 classes for $100 is a great deal. the instructor is a dancer and so she really understands the body. She explains everything as you are working out. She varies every class with different equipment which makes it fun. I look forward to each work out session! I would recommend Pilates for whatever level of Pilates you would like." - Sally M.

"Aulani is one of the best pilates teachers I have ever had. She is also a dance professor at a local college, where she has been a beloved dance instructor for many years. She brings a solid background to her business - if you are looking for serious results, you cannot do better than Pilates By The Bay with Aulani." - Fran K.

"I have been going here for 4 months and love it. Aulani is an expert in the field. She has every piece of equipment imaginable and encourages you as well as pushes you to do more/better. Her schedule is also very flexible and I have never had trouble scheduling 2 to 3 appointments during the week. I love this place!" - Katherine W.

"I love this studio!!! I have been going to Pilates by the Bay for three months now and my back pain has improved tremendously. Top notch instructors and yet affordable rates. I cannot recommend this place enough." - NS

"I am not normally an exercise person but I knew I needed to start doing something. I was so happy when I found Aulani as my instructor. The training is fantastic and Aulani is the best...she has given me hope. The prices are very reasonable too. Try it, you'll like it." - Sharon

I am delighted to highly recommend Pilates by the Bay and Aulani. I was in an auto accident a while back and as a result had a very painful hip and knee injury. After several months of physical therapy and other treatments there was only limited success with the pain. One of my physicians endorsed my trying Pilates and after interviewing several Pilates instructors I met Aulani and was very impressed with her knowledge and pleasant mannerisms. I have been working with her for several months and my range of motion has increased substantially and my pain has decreased greatly as well. I have been able to walk without a limp and increase my physical activities as each month progresses. Aulani really knows her business and I have been so delighted to be able to use her expertise to help me reduce the pain and improve my quality of life. - Debbie

"Pilates By The Bay is a great studio to practice Pilates! Aulani is an excellent practitioner with a keen eye for detail...The equipment is new and well cared for and the studio is spacious and clean. You can't beat the location either..." - pilatesdancer

"Very professional, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Rates are more reasonable than most pilates studios. More important is that Aulani, the owner, is an exceptional teacher. She is focused on your well being and tries to ensure that you do the exercises correctly...since starting pilates a few months ago, my lower back pain and overall muscular aches and pains have been greatly reduced. I feel better overall, and don't get the pulled muscles, neck and back strains...I highly recommend." - TWT2

"Aulani is a wonderfully patient instructor. When I came to her studio 3 months ago I was suffering from excrutiating back spasms. After only 3 months Aulani has me doing exercises I thought I would never be able to do again..." - JM

"At first, being a runner I thought maybe Pilates wasn't ballistic enough for me...what I really needed was stretching and core work...Since I've been working out here over the last three months I no longer need my knee straps for "runner's knee" because I have been able to strengthen my quads incrementally." - Paul

"...I tried several studios in San Diego looking for a new instructor who could challenge me. I wasn't impressed by any of them until I was referred to Aulani at Pilates by the Bay...[the instructors] always make sure you are using proper form to help prevent injury, but challenge you at your ability level. This is definitely not a one size fits all kind of place! The instructors tailor the exercise to you, your ability, and your fitness goals...I have seen tremendous changes in my core strength and waist line since I started working with Aulani." - Alicia

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